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Does it get easier?

A few years ago, at a cocktail party, in a conversation with a seasoned (i.e. been there, done that) entrepreneur. I wondered, does it get any easier over time? Easier to understand and manage people’s expectations, hiring team, firing team, having hard conversations, and not taking things personally.

Does it get easier?

Naturally, my hope was he would say “yeah.” But he didn’t. He said: “Things get harder.”

oh… thank you very much.

He continued – YOU will get more resilient to stress. So it will eventually feel like it is “easier” because you will be able to handle more.

I remembered this conversation today, while having a tea get together with a good friend of mine (also an entrepreneur), and he asked me exactly that – how do you deal with all the stress. Now, I had the answer, and it seemed fitting. Stress is something we try to avoid, yet it’s a natural part of life. (A given in any growing business.)

At that moment I had he answer – because the first step is to be aware of the pressure, recognize the stress, and the potential situations that might bring you over the edge. (Potentially.)

  • Yoga
  • Mediation
  • Ocean walks
  • Cuddling
  • Bath + salts
  • Mountain gazing
  • Good night sleep
  • Breathing
  • Hanging with good-vibes-people
  • Green smoothie
  • Chocolate (maybe. after the smoothie)

Whatever needs to be done to build the buffer. It’s all about the buffer. It seems. To get ready for growth. Stress is a natural part of life. A given in any growing business…

How we handle the stress during our growth spurts will determine whether we grow or wither.

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