Living a better life is a skill you can learn.

Ideas Caught on "Paper"


What is life coaching?

I first heard the term “life coach” in 2005. One of my then colleague’s wives was one. While I intuitively understood what it meant, I […]


What are you hungry for?

If 2020 taught us anything is that (apparently) there’s more to life than just work. Didn’t we all sort of getting a bit more awake […]


Stop asking what others think

Don’t get me wrong! Having many advisors and counters is critical. The key here is to remember what is “critical” FOR. Is it critical because […]

It takes humility to ask for help.

Hire me as your Life Coach.

Are you looking to be a better parent, partner, or professional? Are you looking for more peace in your life? Do you want to enjoy your life more and overthink it less? Life coaching might be a great place for you to explore to help you untangle your thoughts, feelings and emotions. To help you live a fuller, more purposeful life. Book a free exploration life coaching call now. 

Coaching helps you arrive. No more spinning.

In quietness and trust is your strength.

What is a life coach? What does a life coach do? What is life coaching? I would love to answer these questions for you during a free coaching session. As a heads up, though, as your life coach, I never give you advice or have an opinion about the circumstances we discuss. I am here to help you understand yourself better, so you can design the life you want to live.

Coaching helps you untangle .

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