Hi there! I am Helen. Life coach, mama, Jesus follower, CEO. (In no particular order.) I am so glad you are here!

Ideas Caught on "Paper"


Podcast: Episode #1 – On getting started.

  Alan Turing, the father of modern computing, said: “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs […]


You are the one!

Good news, guys! It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. No, really! Even if you say, you already don’t care, there might be […]


All you need is love, indeed

We all love the song. We all believe in love. We all do love (someone), but somehow we don’t always believe that ALL we need […]

You already know what to do.


Are you looking for more peace in your life? Are you looking to just do good in this world and be happy with what you do? You might be looking to stop the constant noise of drama in your own head or you are looking to be more patient at work and at home. Does this sound familiar? I am so glad you are here! Just like you, I was seeking. I was seeking in many places for over 20 years. My life changed when I hired a coach. No drama. No digging into my childhood or looking for reasons why I do what I do. Just clean listening. Helping me untangle what I already know. Helping me to go deep with me. With God. With all the knowledge He has revealed to me so far. I knew I wanted to do the same for others. That’s the beginning of my story as a coach. What is your story? 


Coaching helps you arrive. No more spinning.

In quietness and trust is your strength.

Our lives got so busy all of a sudden. We were told technology will make things easier, but somehow we are overwhelmed with choices. Decisions, decisions. You seek clarity. You seek simplicity. You seek direction and discernment. True peace of mind. Not other people's ideas and opinions, but your true deep, unwavering knowing. When you know your "yes" and your "no" so strongly, you don't have to question yourself. In all areas of your life. Be it deciding what school to send your children to or what type of couch to buy for your living room. All of these decisions take up space in your mind, cluttering and diverting you from your true calling. Let's simplify your life. Let's design the life you want to live. Let's define what God has in store for you, so you can rest in His presence and know that you are taken care of. Not by the opinions of others, but by your own relationship with Him.

Coaching helps you untangle .

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