… I’ve been (somewhat) consciously following the random, crazy ideas in my head for the last 20 years, this is where they brought me…

First, they brought me to get a University degree and become a teacher of Physics and English.

I know, totally random, right?

Then, somehow I found myself in the creative field of marketing. Then, I ended up living in the most beautiful city on Earth – Vancouver, BC, running a very cool marketing agency for the last 14 years. And now, I also find myself being a life coach to those who are seeking peace more than anything else in their lives. 

Life is fascinating! It seems accidental and not planned at all. I used to call it “Universe guiding me”, but I know that the plan for me is even bigger than the whole Universe itself. Isn’t it exciting to know that there’s a very specific plan for you? And it’s good! The plan is to prosper. It’s to have an abundant life and a future. It’s goodness – for generations to come! 

I feel honoured and so privileged to be in this seat today, writing these words, sharing my story, and eager to hear yours out, help you untangle all the thoughts you have in your head. Let’s get you back on track. Let’s get your focus, clarity and power back, so you can fulfil the amazing plan God has for you. Jeremiah 29:11.