Helen Stepchuk - Life Coach, Marketing CEO

Hi, my name is Helen (Лена), and I am a life coach.

I am also a marketer and a scientist (that’s a separate story, ask me about it :). Still, I love calling myself a life coach, as humans have fascinated and perplexed me my whole life. So much so, that in April of 2022, I decided to take a life coaching certification course at the Life Coach School with Brook Castillio. 

I am currently offering free life coaching sessions as part of my studies and continuous skill-building. So, if you are curious about trying life coaching out, book a free life coaching session now. Read up about life coaching here. 

Here are some fun facts about me, meanwhile: 

  • I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls.
  • A wife to my “one in 182.1 million” (ask me about it 🙂
  • I had a siamese cat who thought he was a dog, Filya, for 17 years. I said goodbye to him last year. I still miss him, especially right now, as I type up this page. He was my writing buddy.
  • I have a university degree in Pedagogy + Physics.
  • I live in Canada, Vancouver.
  • I love the rain! 
  • I love books, but (almost) never read fiction.
  • I own a very cool marketing agency in Vancouver.
  • I’ve been a business owner since 2008 and in marketing since 2005. 
  • I believe that open, continuous, purposeful communication should be the #1 priority for humans. 
  • I think humans have unlimited potential and can achieve more than they could ever imagine.
  • I believe discipline and self-awareness are critical components of personal growth. 
  • I think humans are fragile yet incredibly resilient. 
  • I believe growth is extremely uncomfortable, but the outcome is so, so worth it! 
  • I find that being a human is both the most exhilarating and challenging experience. 
  • I believe love is a choice. 

Thanks for stopping by!