Are you 100% you?

Of course, I am me. Who else could I be?

But then…

Each person is such a complex reflection of the multitude of external factors. From our parents’ personalities coupled with their expectations of us, to society we grow up in, affected by every single interaction with each person we meet along the way. So, in fact, we are not 100% us – we are the product of our environment.

Up until the moment we realize that this is the case…

We start noticing that the things we do or say, don’t really represent us the way we really see ourselves. And we even start to wonder – why did we do, or say that. All in retrospect, of course.

Studies show that 88% of our daily actions are driven by our subconscious mind, and only 12% are controlled by our conscious mind.

Does this mean that 88% of the time we find ourselves “unconscious” of what we do or say? Does that mean that we are us only 12% of the time?

Technically, we are present and are acting “in the moment”, when in fact we are operating from our past experiences, not from the current moment. Furthermore, some of those experiences have nothing to do with us at all. And some of those experiences are a pure reflection of how other people want or believe us to be.

The moment we realize these patterns in our behaviour, that’s when we start being able to separate our true identity from the identity imposed on us by our past. We start to see our parents in the way we act with our own children. We recognize that our current mindset is hugely affected by the way our cultural mindset was positioned during our childhood. And then in the midst of this illusion, we start getting the slight glimpses of our real persona.

How can we make sure that we shift the scale towards becoming our own WHOLE self?

Well, if this is what we want to become then this is who we need to be. Us.

Listening to us. Relying on our own advice and opinion. Creating for ourselves. Trusting ourselves. Expressing ourselves for, well, ourselves, and not for getting someone’s reaction or attention.

Is it easy? Not really. But it’s 100% doable.

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