Don’t give a sh$%t.

You know how most of us are raised with marks and comparisons? The whole education system is based on watching a teacher show us e.g. how to write the letter B, and we keep practicing to nail it – for our “B” to look exactly like our teacher’s? And the better we copy what she did – the more “the same” it looks – the closer we are to getting it right.

At which point though do we stop copying the teacher, and say – I don’t give a sh$%t.

Well, we don’t. Yet. This is how we learn. The fundamentals. It is what it is – we can’t tell the teacher that we have our own way of writing the letter B and it’s actually should look like a D. That’s not going to work. We must have a common, shared ground to progress as a society.

The problem is we carry this concept with us beyond the fundamentals. And then we are stuck – feeling inferior or “not good enough.” No one teaches us to copy each other or to compare ourselves to each other – it happens naturally, as we learn about our environment.

But what if…

What if we get to the point, when we’ve covered the fundamentals. And we realize that we know enough, we know what we need to know to operate safely in this society. We decide to have all further learning come from our own experiences? Our own exploration.

What if we say I don’t give a shit, what the “industry” is doing. I don’t give a shit about “best practices”. I. don’t. Give a shit.

What if by saying that, we automatically free ourself from the pressure of getting a bad mark? What if these words actually liberate. And push into the unknown of unique. Different. Unexplored. Fun. Useful. Deeply meaningful.

What if…

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