Don’t know what to do? Do this.

Are you feeling like life is going by way too fast? Days are piling on top of each other and then tumbling in front of you, sweeping over your plans and covering your dreams with shattered glass.

“I don’t know what to do.”

It sounds like an honest question. Sounds very factual, doesn’t it? Sometimes we don’t know what to do.

But this question. It does something to our brains.

It acts as a permission slip to continue, not knowing what to do.

Does it feel like it?

Take a deep breath in. And out.

It’s ok.

I’ve been there.

I call this state, “I need to untangle.” It feels like I am literally tangled in a bright red (hey, at least I like the colour! 🙂 yarn, and I need to get it off my body. It’s paralyzing.

Here’s what I think.

No matter why you feel like you don’t know what to do today. You can’t rewind your life and fix something that is tangling you. You can’t fast forward life to skip this yucky feeling (this yucky tangled feeling is always temporary, and you know it).

What can you do?

So you can’t rewind life, and you can’t fast-forward it. But what you can absolutely do today is to pause it.

Take a deep breath in. And out.


You just did it. 🙂

Do it again. And again. And Again. In and out. Right now.

Does it feel better?

Come back to the pause whenever your brain tells you, “I don’t know what to do.”

Rewrite the script. In and out.

And after you pause. Slow down. Look at the shuttered glass that is covering your dreams right now.

Did you notice?

It’s see-through.

The dreams are still there. Your plans are still yours.

And the days?

The days are yours too. And they are ready to be unpaused.

In and out.


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