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Being an entrepreneur requires an unshakable core, a strong foundation, a power centre where all of your decisions and choices are made from. There will be the times when you need to be fair, unconditionally dedicated, and fully prepared for whatever comes on a daily basis. Without losing your foundation. Without compromising your core. Without being affected by the external factors, that do not always coincide with your own intentions.

When you serve others, when your main objective and role is to make other people’s (your clients’ or your team’s) lives better, how do you mediate the parties? How do you ensure that when you give, you do so without giving (yourself) away? How do you stay true to your own intentions, while securing the win-win outcome for  all parties involved?

Certainly, no matter what you do in life (if you want to do it very well), you need to pour a good amount of love, heart and passion in it. But on the other hand, when you give your heart away, you need to ensure you are assertive enough to not have it broken in pieces…

By solidifying your own intentions and creating your own filtering systems for what goes into your “books” and stays there – and which pages get torn out and burnt – you will create the perfect space for yourself (and others) to achieve your maximum potential, without any compromises.

Use your heart. Let your heart speak to those around you. Be guided by your heart. Make ityour own stamp of approval for everything you do.. #BrandYourHeart