Got yoga?

Why is yoga popular?

Is it because it allows us to finally stop and look inside? It’s an opportunity to listen to your body and to see what you need. Not what you are being told you need, but truly – what you need right now. To be happy. To be satisfied with life. With what you have now.

When we step on the mat, we surrender. We surrender to the poses and to the awkwardness of our body in those poses. We put our ego out in the open – the transparency of it brings so much to the surface. The person next to us breathing too loudly. The teacher is making us stay in warrior 2 for too long. The music is annoying. What else? And why all of these disturbances usually disappear after the first 30 minutes of class?

Why do we simply LOVE people more, after we spend some time on the mat?

Yoga is an equalizer – with 30 people in one room, practicing the same pose, but looking so completely different.

Why is yoga so popular?

It’s about being ok with not being the most flexible person in the room.

It’s also about knowing that what’s apparent on the outside may not match the effort on the inside.

What looks good on the mat, may be perceived as artificial outside the studio.

And what’s difficult on the mat, will be the preparation for what’s to come off the mat.



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