Money vs. emotions.

Money doesn’t have any emotional value. It’s cold. It has no perceptual variety. It’s constant. It’s straight to the point.

It’s an equalizer.

No matter where in the world you live, or what you do – money continues to carry the same fundamental purpose. What you can achieve with your money is a different story. There’s a lot of emotion in the transactions that are facilitated by money, but money itself holds no emotion.

Here’s an intriguing twist – as humans, we are emotional beings. Our emotions are our interpersonal transactions. This is how we interact with other human beings and this is how we realize our own potential – by evaluating our emotions. As we are continuing to settle here on this planet Earth, one of our daily tasks is to make money to survive. This is how our society works – we need money to live. Isn’t it paradoxical? We are emotional beings, but the object of our desire and necessity has no emotion.

The challenge is, sometimes, as we get more involved in the money-making process, we start to believe that we need to learn to equalize our emotions, so we can attract more money. We neutralize our behaviour, so we don’t stick out too much, we tailor our services to the “masses” to increase our (products’ or service’s) value. And we often question the legitimacy of our wanting to possess more money.

The question is – how do we continue to stay sane in this material world, when our true nature is driven by our deep emotions?


Perhaps by…

  • remembering that money is an integral part of our life, and money is important
  • accepting the fact that; we can’t make money emotionally, and we can’t get the emotion out of our nature
  • by equalizing our emotion towards money, but never by equalizing our behaviour


A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.

                                                                   Jonathan Swift


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