So you think you want to be a marketer?

I’ve been getting a few emails asking about my marketing career. I thought it was a good opportunity for a blog post! So here we are. Thanks for asking.

What do you enjoy about marketing?

Mainly the variety of tasks. While the fundamentals stay the same, the delivery methods change all the time. This is exciting!

How did you get into marketing

I got into marketing when “digital marketing” was a “thing”… 🙂 Now it’s all just marketing. Thank Goodness, we finally don’t approach digital as something separate from the overall marketing strategy. Search engine optimization was my first encounter with marketing.

How many years of education did it take to become a marketer?

You don’t become a marketer by the amount of time you spend in school. It’s all about doing.

Which schools/universities are got to attend to become a marketer?

Google… 🙂 There was no school for “digital marketing” 11 years ago. I had to learn it by doing it (the only way of actually learning things, in my opinion). I did take some courses at UBC though later on though.

What does a typical day of marketing look like?

Oh boy…. In a nutshell… It’s a constant practice of staying outside of the infamous box… You have to think like a consumer, not a marketer. But if I were to name a few specifics you have to first be a good storyteller/writer. You have to be able to analyze your numbers too, and (most importantly) make sense of them.

How much money did you start off making when you began?

Not more than $500 per month I think. It was a freelancing job. As a side-note, I would invite you not to worry about money for the first little while… You will be providing very little value to your employer in the beginning, as you mostly will be learning on the job. You can start thinking of asking for a raise and things like that when you can prove your value to the company. I always say that when you go to University, you pay for learning. After you graduate and find your first job, you get paid for learning (at least for the first couple of years), which is not a bad gig… 🙂

What part of the job do you least enjoy?

“Managing” people.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a marketer?

Start being a marketer now… What do you think marketing is? Do that! There are so many things you can start doing without any formal education, now. Take social media… Start an Instagram account, pick a topic and make it your goal of gaining as many followers as you can. See what triggers people’s curiosity, what people like or dislike. Most importantly, remember, marketing is not about convincing people to buy more stuff. It’s about making people’s lives better through solving their problems.

Good luck! 🙂

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