Meditate like a pro

There’re many types of meditation available for any type of personality and level of experience. There’re walking meditations, sitting meditations, sleeping mediations (not kidding). What makes it work for each individual is not how you meditate, but knowing the reason and the desired outcome of a meditation.

Why do we meditate? 

There are many different opinions present as to what is the origin of meditation – from spiritual enlightenment to a religious connotation of liberation. Nowadays, meditation is a simple tool that can allow you to be present in the moment and fully enjoy life.

Being present meaning, not dwelling in the past or future, but taking in all things as they come and being ok with them without any judgement.

After exploring the topic of yoga and meditation for a decade of my life, here’s what I came to discover.

  • The type of meditation you resent the most, is the type of meditation that will yield the most benefits for you
  • There’s no wrong or right way to meditate
  • “I just can’t sit still” is not a valid justification of avoiding being with yourself
  • Meditation, first and foremost, is the practice of being ok with yourself – just the way you are
  • It doesn’t have to be hours and hours of meditation to start seeing the benefits
  • Meditation should not be treated as something you do on your meditation cushion
  • Meditation on your meditation cushion prepares you for whatever comes after
  • You already meditate when you are having shower – you connect to your body through senses (water on your skin), during meditation you connect with your body through breath
  • Despite the fact that many people say they’ve achieved “enlightenment” and they are able to feel peaceful at all times, I believe most of us (humans) still have lots of work to do – it’s never done, and it’s part of the deal of being a human
  • We never stop learning about ourselves and our environment