How do I stay inspired?

Be it creating a new marketing campaign, writing a marketing strategy, or just planning your next big career move, we all sometimes feel like we have hit the wall. We might feel stuck and don’t know what to do.

Say you are writing a blog post, and suddenly you feel that “creative block” – nothing comes to mind. What do humans usually do? We need to try harder… Right? Think harder. Put in more hours and keep yourself as busy as possible. Ironically, the result won’t change. You know that. That creative block is still there.

Now, how do you get out of that zone?

By asking yourself the right questions.

Instead of trying to *get out* of the zone, work on “getting in to” the zone where things “just happen”, where you are inspired, where you feel good.

Only you know how to get yourself into that zone.

  • Be open to the fact that you might be wrong in whatever you do. Usually, if we are stuck, we might intuitively try to convince ourselves that we are still on the right path; we just need to keep pushing through. The moment you open up to the idea that you might be wrong – it’s like the heavens open up, and you get a fresh shower of inspiration. Watch out!
  • Listen to your inner guidance. Don’t try to see what others are doing in this space. Don’t look for advice and don’t ask for other people’s opinions on the topic. This will only get you further away from your goal. And the goal here is to connect with that subtle space where you just “get it.” Like when you are in the shower, you know? You are just so much smarter in the shower, didn’t you notice? Ideas just keep coming.
  • Give yourself a chance to speak to yourself. Have you ever thought about why you get those awesome ideas in the shower? That’s because you don’t “occupy” yourself with listening, reading, or consuming information of any sort, so to speak. It’s just you, in the shower. It’s like, you can’t breathe in and breathe out at the same time. Can you? So if you are looking for ideas to come up to the surface, you can’t keep jamming more ideas into yourself simultaneously. Stop doing it. It’s only in or out.