Occupy Vancouver. You create your own reality.

I am not sure how long this whole Occupy movement has been going on for, but I came across the protestors (and had a chance to chat with them) here in Vancouver only today.

First of all, let me make a disclaimer, I am not FOR, neither AGAINST Occupy. I do, however, support democracy, freedom of speech, choices, and all the good stuff for all people around the Globe.

So, before I started talking to the guys at Occupy Vancouver, I did not have any pre-made decision or judgements about the movement, because I, honestly, had no idea what it stood for and what it was all about.

After talking to the (4 different) protestors for about 24 minutes this is what I observed:

  1. I did not hear a clear message as to what the protestors wanted and why they were protesting.
  2. I was not sure what they were *asking* for… and *who* they were taking *to* … What would be the solution that would make this protest a “success.” Without an actual success measurement, how can you know if you succeeded or not? Will they protest forever? What will make them stop? What do they want to get out of this protest to go home happy? I am all about “happy.”
  3. 50% (2 out of 2) were visibly stoned… They were very passionate about the movement, however. They were very certain that capitalism and “the system” were very, very bad. Ok…. But it’s not really that convincing, when these words are coming from someone who did not have any curtesy to keep his mind clear enough to help this “great cause” he is ranting about. Again, I have no issues with marihuana – they can do whatever they want, smoke at home, relax, but if these people are representing the movement, I would not want to be lead by such leaders.
  4. Yes, there were several issues brought up in our conversation, which I very deeply care about (such as global warming, oil-sands and pollution, etc.), however we do not need Occupy Vancouver, to solve these “issues.” Perhaps, you could simply join Green Peace and be a wonderful supporter that way. I am sure Green Peace could use some help. There are thousands of non-profit organizations that care about our Planet, community and humanity, etc.  This one, or these ones. Go Google, if you want to support them.

My take? It all starts with our personal choice. If you care so much about all of the issues that Occupy Vancouver is talking about, change your lifestyle. Do not shop at Wall-Mart or McDonald’s if you are agains those big corporations. Support local businesses, shop at farmers markets, GROW vegies yourself, turn off the lights, do not waste water, be kind to your neighbour, relax and enjoy life without drugs. I would be very curious to learn the percentage of people (in that crowd) who shopped at Wall-Mart or McDonald’s at least once in the last 7 days….

Trust me, I am all about movements, revolutions and democracy. The truth is, we have to start with our own home, building, community, city. Contribute there, and any small contribution WILL make a huge impact.


We do not need any more protests. {THEY COST MONEY! We, taxpayers, end up paying for these protests….  Isn’t it, somewhat, counterproductive?}

We create our own reality. As much as the protestors are asking everyone to be “open-minded” and to listen to them. I would ask the same in return. Maybe, it’s not THAT bad, huh? Maybe those big corporations DO CARE? Maybe we ALL just need to be a little bit more open-mided, listen more, talk less and … be kind to one another?

Do you remember those 3 B’s from school? Let’s all remember the basics….

  1. Be kind
  2. Be safe
  3. Behave

Thanks for reading!

Love, Helen