Why are we afraid?

Why are we afraid of doing that special thing that is so dear to our heart? The dream. The BIG thing. We all have it – even the most sceptical of us. They may not call it a “dream”. They may call it “risky business.” But they do have it. We all have it.

We can be good at many things. But that extraordinary thing, like inventing an iPhone or a light bulb doesn’t happen every day. Why? Was Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison different from you and I? Of course they weren’t. What was it that got them to create and realize their dreams into reality?

Here’s a thought. We become very good at our current job. We don’t take it personally, we succeed at what we do. We are not attached to it. But that other thing – the dream – it’s deeply personal. We are scared to surrender and give our all. We are so entranced by that dream, we’ve thought of it so many times, that it became a part of us. Is it too personal now…?

Consider this – when we take things too personally, they literally become a part of us. And if we fail at doing that “risky business?” It is going to be a direct reflection of “us.” And is this why we don’t dare to risk? Is that why we never take the plunge? …we don’t want to fail our whole self.

So we stick with the safe scenario. That other thing we are pretty good at. Our “job.” Because we can let go of it any time… if we are too scared, if we struggle a little, if we are confused or things don’t go the way we expected them to go… We will leave. We’ll quit. It’s not too personal, so we can.

The caveat?

We all know it by now – excellence doesn’t come from a safe place. You can’t invent an iPhone if you don’t go full in. If you don’t give your whole self. You must make it feel so personal, that you simply cannot afford to fail.

You need to get yourself over that fence that says “no way back.”

You will have to push through anything that would rise on your way. Because you are so invested now. Because it is so personal. Because it is your destiny to do so.

Is this how we recognize our BIG dream? Our true purpose…? When we keep getting drawn to something, and we keep holding ourselves back from it at the same time. Over and over and over again.

Perhaps today will be different. If you can’t get “that thing” out of your head… Stop listening. Act.