the art of letting go

The art of letting go.

Humans are not built to be able to easily let go. Yet, in order to be happy and content with our life, we must… Let go of expectations. Let go of wants and needs and desires. It’s a constant battle. A battle between being a free spirit and going with the flow. And the need for certainty. The need to know that we matter. That whatever we do, personally or professionally positively impacts people around us.

Humans are complex. We are multidimensional creatures. We can’t be put in a box. We can’t be categorized. And we can’t be restrained.

How do we find the balance?

How do we let go of the things that no longer serve us, while being able to stick with something for long enough to make the difference.

The foundation.

What’s important to you? Not what’s expected from you. But what’s important to you. Right now. Approach every situation from a strong foundation. Know your motivation first.

The boundaries.

Oh the shocker. There are these people in this world, who will take from you, and will not even blink their eye. They will take, and take and will never stop. You feel drained. You feel unproductive. What do you do? It’s your job to set the boundaries. (Not barriers.) Healthy boundaries.

Allow for error.

Humans are complex. We are not meant to be boxed. We are always growing, changing, evolving. Our foundation shifts, our boundaries expand or contract.

Just like nature. We are forever in transition. From one state to another. The practice of being able to flow with the change and to quickly re-define your foundation and your boundaries, little by little strengthens the muscle of letting go. The more often, the sooner we acknowledge the shift – the early stages, those transitory inklings – the better we become at letting go. Until one day, hopefully, we perfect the art. (Not science.) The art of letting go…

2 responses to “The art of letting go.”

  1. Nick Tailor says:

    That is the first step to being Happy with yourself 🙂

    Once you achieve the above said you can focus on what your purpose is. If the human life span was 100 years, and you were going to die tomorrow. Simply look backward in time, and visualize all the things that would make you proud of your life. Now you know what you need to do before you sleep.

    -Nick Tailor

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