What is life coaching?

I first heard the term “life coach” in 2005. One of my then colleague’s wives was one. While I intuitively understood what it meant, I wasn’t exactly sure how someone could be coached in life. How someone can know life enough to coach another human being? To make matters even less believable, this wife coach was in her early twenties. I thought to myself, how this young woman could possibly know life enough to coach others?

17 years later, I enrolled in a course to become a life coach.

Now, I am not in my twenties anymore, and the perk of getting older (and the social tendency to believe that older means wiser) might give me a ticket to share my self-professed wisdom with others. That being said, my brain was still searching for evidence of why I should be allowed to coach others on how they should (ultimately) live their lives. Despite all the schooling I was getting at the Life Coach School, by the charismatic and knowledgable Brook Castillio, I was still waking up in the middle of the night, thinking – processing all the theory I was receiving, deciphering it into future practical application with my life coaching clients.

As I am writing this blog at 4:11 am, here’s my answer… to myself. And for you. In case you were wondering.

Definition of life

The capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change.

Definition of coaching

A method of training, counselling or instructing an individual or a group on how to develop skills to enhance their productivity or overcome a performance problem.

So what is life coaching?

In essence, life coaching is the process of helping an individual or a group to develop the skills they need for continual change and growth.

Here’s another definition I found online.

What is the purpose of coaching?

The main purpose of coaching is to maximize performance by helping a client reach their peak potential. The main purpose of coaching involves developing leadership, creating self-discipline, building a self-belief system, creating motivation, and improving self-awareness. This refers to any type of coaching.

In 2012, life coaching was added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary*

Definition of life coach

an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

“A key differentiator for the industry is that coaching is seen as an “action plan” rather than an exploratory process.

At the heart of coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience in the face of growing complexity and uncertainty.”


A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives.

From Google answers

A Life Coach is a professional who works with clients to help them achieve their goals by providing guidance and support in various areas, including goal-setting for future plans.

From Google answers

In conclusion.

Answering my own question at 4:17 am, why should Helen be allowed to coach other people in life? Is that because she has all the answers? Is it because she is wise enough to share her life experience with others?

Of course, not.

That’s because some smart and determined individuals who have come before me have studied the topic of humans and have identified some distinct commonalities in human behaviour. I am sorry to tell you that while you are uniquely made, your problems and how you show up in the world are not that unique at all. I know, shocking, right?

So, what is coaching, and why should Helen be allowed to coach other humans? Simply because life coaching is an accessible way to develop the skills you need to be a better human (the one who is constantly growing and evolving).

So, at 4:31 am, as I am typing this. Are you looking to be a better human? Are you looking to be a better parent, a better partner, or a better professional? Do you want to live a life that is full and purposeful? Do you want to stop doubting that you’ve done enough and start living and enjoying your life more? If yes, I would love to coach you.

Book a free exploration life coaching call right now.  

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