Who is the boss of you?

[boss] – a person in charge.

So many times, we hear that society shapes and programs us. As if we are not even in charge of our own life or actions…

This is certainly true when we are little. Unfortunately, when we are adults, our inner world has been formed by the circumstances we grew up in.

And this what happens next….

At the age of about 21, we enter the real world. We are expected to take care of ourselves and be adults. And this is when we start the real learning about life [this is when we become our bosses of us]. Until then, we were getting all the theories. The good news is the theory is always challenged in the real world. So when we face the “reality,” we, naturally, start challenging all the previous programming we’ve received from the moment we were born ’til the age of 21.

There’s no need to blame and curse “society.” Remember, it just gave us the theory [we had to start somewhere, right!?] Now, it’s time to get the real work done and formulate your life exactly the way you want it.

From the age of 21 to 30, we get curious. Then we challenge and rebel. And finally, when we hit our 30s, we are ready to become our true selves. By now, we know what’s true and what’s an illusion.

Some people believe that “people don’t change.” The funny thing is… this is the only truth there is – people do change. Moreover, this is the whole point of us being here.

Happy changing, boss! 🙂

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