You are not crazy.

Oh, honey. You feel the feels, and you notice the things that other people just brush off. It’s painful to watch, isn’t it? You have the urge to tell everyone, but when you do, you are welcomed with a skeptical look at best and with a snarky comment about your sanity at worst.

You are not alone. It all started with Neo… Just kidding… Maybe.

But honestly, you are not crazy! Your thoughts are valid. Your feelings are real. Your urges are there for a reason. Keep going. Find your tribe. Plug in. Stay rooted. You will know when you find them!

Until then, I just want you to know that you will be ok. How do I know that? It happened before. You came out of it. You will do it again. You get stronger every time!

Keep going. Keep trusting. Keep believing.


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